Captured by Jess Amdur

Welcome to my visual journal. An honest collective, documenting and capturing the beautiful spaces and faces I have come across. I am a major lover of cultures, adventures and just life and all it has to teach us. I guess I’m extremely inquisitive, most probably because of diverse heritage – San, Xhosa, Sotho, British and Scottish.

I am a the founder of Micaela Sling Photography as well as Zamaluwa Digital. My photography and digital services aims to bring your brand to life through visual storytelling and authentically capture the essence of the beauty of all things. 

Alongside these, I am an Adventure and Travel blogger ⇟

  • inspires you to live life a little more fully
  • to interact more with the every day people
  • to have you be a little more kind to the spaces and faces you come across in life.
Captured by Jess Amdur

Life’s full of surprises, mostly pleasant if you look at the glass as half full 😉 We have to love, learn and grow through it all while being kind to ourselves, others and the spaces we find ourselves in.

Peace, love and kindness


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